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Results from the Professional Lash and Brow Artists’ Industry Survey

eyelash industry survey

Ever wondered how you stack up against the competition? Wonder no more. In the Professional Lash and Brow Artists’ Industry Survey conducted by Glad Lash (and sponsored by Glamcor), more than 450 artists spilled about their profession—think: job satisfaction, salaries, price points, experience, challenges, marketing, education and age. “We hope this survey brings to light many trends that will help and embolden lash and brow artists around the globe as well as widen the opportunities for our artists,” says Glad Lash director and founder Esther Bolkin.

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Case in point: With an 80-percent job satisfaction rate, 75 percent of artists earning up to $50,000 a year and 89 percent of artists being highly-trained or certified, the industry data may help sway salons on the fence to get in on the lashing and brow service bandwagon, says Bolkin. “It shows our industry has very high standards.... People are making real careers of lashes and brows.... And we have a workforce that is passionate about what they do!” she exclaims. 

Your Peers Say...

The results of Glad Lash’s industry survey may surprise you. Here’s what your peers had to say.

You’re not alone in your worries. According to the survey, most artists share the exact same concerns: procuring new clients and offering competitive pricing. Age and your focal point may be the culprits. “Most artists focus on the artistic and craft side of the business but, as sole proprietors, there’s a need to also understand the business side,” explains Bolkin. “We also think that many young artists (50 percent are 18 to 34) may not know how to price competitively.”

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Market yourself! Though 78 percent of the survey participants engage in social media to showcase their work, half don’t have a business website to help promote their business. Bolkin stresses the need to expand beyond personal social media; she suggests building a website and exploring business-oriented social media tools, such as Facebook Business. “These services could help artists target and reach a larger client base,” she says.

The No. 1 daily concern for your fellow artists: managing client aftercare. “This is very manageable,” says Bolkin. The solution: Consult and educate your customers on proper aftercare. “[By doing this], chances are you’ll have happier clients and less work fixing mistakes,” she says.

Knowledge is power. Not only can this data help you to learn about your competition and grow your business, but it also can help you boost your confidence as an artist. “My hope is that artists will look at this survey and see the day-to-day issues they face are similar to artists worldwide and take heart and know they are on a good path to a rewarding career,” says Bolkin. Visit for more survey findings!

Your Industry by the Numbers! 

74% of artists are insured.

70% are self-employed.

$41 to $60 is the average charge for a lash fill.

9% of artists have worked in the field for over 11 years.

58% have experienced fatigue.

59% perform brow waxing.

54% perform volume lashes.


– by Molly Church