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Take the First Ever Professional Lash & Brow Artists' Industry Survey

Eyelash extension professional survey 2016

Glad Lash is celebrating its 30th anniversary by turning the focus to those who truly run the industry - professional lash and brow artists. To do this, the brand is conducting the first ever international survey for the lash and brow industry. According to Glad Lash, "We want to know all about the good aspects of your work, and your concerns – the issues you face and deal with day-to-day, so that we can all work together to make the industry better together."

The first of its kind, the 5-minute survey is designed to assess industry shifts as viewed through the lens of individual lash and brow artists, as well as small business owners. "The survey is your chance to have your say and be heard by product vendors, associations, education providers, and of course your peers," adds Glad Lash. "We will share the survey findings in a series of future articles, and promote how the industry as a whole can make improvements to the way we work."

Those who participate in the survey will not only have the opportunity to share their experiences, but will also be entered to win a selection of prizes, including products, discounts, swag bags and more.

For more details, and to take the survey, click here!

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