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The Whimsical and Inviting Winx Lash and Makeup Studio

Winx Lash and Makeup Studio

With simply the willingness to believe, Trishia Wiggins built a studio from the ground up that's a personal reflection of her family.

Trishia Wiggins first dreamt of becoming a surgeon, but soon realized that life doesn’t always go as planned. “Life had another direction for me,” she shares. “After taking on raising my legally blind niece, Angelica, I searched for something that not only would pay the bills, but also could give me a flexible schedule to be the ‘homeroom mom’ for her. Lashes it was—and the obsession began.”

Wiggins always had a knack for beauty. As a teen she crafted pageant makeup and in college she worked a side job beautifying faces. So, in 2006 when her sister’s nuptials neared, Wiggins took the natural leap of exploring lashing for the bridal party. She quickly learned that to become a stellar lash artist, lash education with a hands-on approach is a necessity. After researching options, she signed up for an Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli hands-on course. “My medical background drew me to Xtreme Lashes … I knew the importance of good training. Because of my visually-impaired niece I take eyes very seriously!” explains Wiggins.

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With education under her belt, Wiggins immediately fell head-over-heels for lashing and launched her career as a mobile lash artist. When business boomed shortly thereafter, she realized she needed to nix traveling time and expand, but small spaces like her sister’s spare room didn’t cut it. That led her to open Winx Lash and Makeup Studio in 2007, making it Houston’s first-ever makeup and lash studio. “It was a God thing. I had no idea if it would work out, but I never really thought about failing. I just put my head down and lashed,” Wiggins says. “If you would have seen me 10 years ago, I would never have foreseen such a beautiful career.”

The Vibe: Think: spacious treatment rooms with Tempur-Pedic massage beds; a lobby filled with heirlooms like Wiggins’ grandmother’s settees that she reupholstered in pink velvet fabric to match her grandmother’s favorite lipstick hue; and a makeup bar hosting an 8-foot mirror with Hollywood lights inspired by her grandmother’s vanity. “My grandmother was a model in the ’40s and I like to think she would love to be in this studio with her friends,” Wiggins says.

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What We Love: Winx specializes in Lash ReHab, which entails fixing bad lash jobs and boosting natural lashes’ health. Wiggins also believes in educating techs and consumers alike: “We’re often told we give too many details to the average person!” she laughs.

Retail Details: The studio retails all things Xtreme Lashes. Bestseller GlideLiner in Xtreme Black “glides on easily and doesn’t pull or tug on extensions,” she says.

Most Popular Services: Classic Eyelash Extensions. “We lash every single lash we can, around 80 to 100 per eye, and pride ourselves on complementing each client’s eye shape,” says Wiggins, who notes her studio also offers microblading, makeup and volume lash services.

–by Molly Church

[Images: Courtesy of Winx Lash and Makeup Studio]