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Survey Shows Brow and Lash Artist are Satisfied with Their Work

Survey results

Consumers love feeling better after getting their brows and lashes done, and a new survey by Glad Lash Inc. concludes that the work makes the professionals behind the chair happy as well.

Glad Lash Inc. announced the results of their first-ever Professional Lash and Brow Artists' Industry Survey, which focused on eyelash and brow artists and was designed to understand the views, trends and career goals of the global workforce. The study was sponsored by Glamcor, and it surveyed over 450 participants. Through it, researchers discovered that the respondents are a highly motivated, trained and satisfied group of professionals.

Specifically, the survey found that 80% of lash and brow professionals are satisfied with their career choice; 89% have completed their training and are certified in their professions; 74% are licensed cosmetologists or estheticians. 

The field is incredibly female-dominated—98% are women, a quarter of whom have been focused their expertise for at least six years. Participants also said they are generally self- employed, working 20-30 hours per week on lash and brows, with 75% earning up to $50,000 per year. 

Nearly half of the artists said they charge between $62 and $120 for a full set of lashes. Classic single-strand application and brow waxing are the most-requested services, which nearly all professionals provide.

Esther Bolkin is the director and founder of Glad Lash, Inc. She said, "Over the past 30 years that we have been in business, we have seen the beauty industry grow and evolve at a rapid rate. As such, we feel this survey offers us key insights into our industry and helps us to ascertain where we can help our lash and brow artists continue to grow and build their businesses."

She summarized the results, saying "What we are seeing is a group of highly motivated and talented professionals, who are making their way in the fast-paced world of beauty but may need guidance in the areas of client attraction and promotion."

Though the brow and lash professionals are a satisfied group, they still have challenges. Procuring new clients and offering competitive pricing can be incredibly difficult, the survey showed.  In addition, while more than three quarters of the participants engage in social media to showcase their work, half do not have a business website to help promote their business.

Bolkin pointed out that lash and brow artists have many professional resources and tools at their disposal, including the  GladGirl Artist Directory, online video trainings and regular blog posts about the salon industry, artist wellness, and much more. All of these resources can help brow and lash professionals expand their businesses.

[Image courtesy of GladLash, Inc.]