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The Game-Changing LashPRO Accelerator Course

Sugarlash Pro

Sugarlash PRO aims to change lash extension education with its newly developed online and in-person LashPRO Academy. Offering five courses, including Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes, Advanced Styling, Lash Lift and LashPRO Accelerator, the LashPRO Academy helps buildout lash artists’ skill sets. Though the courses are online (Classic and Volume have hands-on components), certificates of completion are awarded in-person at certification events after personal approval from the Sugarlash PRO educators to ensure each student meets health and safety standards.

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It’s the fifth course, LashPRO Accelerator, that’s the true game-changer. A first of its kind in the lash industry, this business-minded online program spans 35 weeks and features 40-plus videos that cover everything from branding and marketing to social media management. Naturally, how-tos for improving lashing techniques, including application, shaping and styling, are included. Students learn not only from Sugarlash PRO CEO and president Courtney Buhler, but also seven educators who touch upon topics like dealing with fluttering eyelids and identifying the correct curl and thickness to use. For those who aspire to own their own lash shop, LashPRO Accelerator delves into the ins and outs of running a successful business, such as setting policies and enforcing them, creating lasting professional relationships with clients, effectively hiring staff and more. Finally, no matter if you simply want to lash for yourself or open a store, LashPRO Accelerator teaches mindfulness. “We have a team of medical and industry experts who give you their best advice on how to keep your body and mind balanced,” says Buhler. She adds, “LashPRO Accelerator is truly a game-changer in the industry and we hope it transforms many lives!”