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Puttin' on the Glitz this Holiday Season

Give your clients something to celebrate with sparkly, colorful lash and brow looks. 

With the winter holidays—and holiday parties—on their way, ’tis the season to add some extra color and sparkle to your lash and brow services. “The demand for specialty lashes definitely increases at this time of year,” says NovaLash brand ambassador Lauren Wade, owner of The Lash Studio in Westminster, Maryland, who loves to offer NovaLash Candied Lashes to clients seeking some extra holiday sparkle. Pros typically charge up to $20 for the add-on service of colored, ombré or glitter extensions—and, according to Soo-Jin Yang, founder and CEO of Illumino Lashes in Oakland, California, techs can charge at least $5 per crystal-accented extension. But extensions aren’t the only option; bedazzled strip lashes, colorful flares and even glittery brows are also expected to be in high demand for the holidays, and are perfect additions to seasonal makeup services. Of course, the ultimate goal is to help your clients achieve that extra bit of glamour—and when you do, it will definitely be time to celebrate.

While plenty of clients will be coming in for a standard or even slightly more dramatic set of lash extensions to enhance their holiday look, now is a great time to introduce them to the wide array of colorful, glittery and crystal accented options that are also available. But because working with these lashes requires even more attention to detail, keep the following pro pointers in mind:

Be true to their hue. When selecting colors, take your cue from the shade of your client’s eyes. “Green eyes look best with reds, purples, pinks or yellows, while blue eyes look beautiful in blue, silver, gold or orange,” notes Diane Lytle, owner of TheLashChick in Wasilla, Alaska. “Those lucky enough to have brown eyes can wear any color and get away with it, but reds and purples look especially good.” For special occasions, you can also use colors that complement what your client will be wearing, adds Wade.

Check the calendar. Be sure to let clients know that colored and ombré extensions will last just as long as regular ones, while glitter and crystal-tipped lashes will probably be gone within a week. For older clients (as well as those with hooded lids), colored and ombré options tend to be a better choice than glitter or crystal lashes, adds Lytle.

Handle with care. When going for the glitter, always pick up the extension from the base so you don’t disturb the glitter and your tweezers don’t stick to it, advises Lytle.

Use sparkle sparingly. With glitter lashes, less is more. “On average, three to eight glitter extensions per eye are best; applying more than this can be a bit heavy and distracting,” says Lytle. Stick with the outer two-thirds of the eye and mix them with the other extensions, staggering them evenly, advises Wade, who adds that glitter extensions look best when they’re slightly shorter than the rest of the extensions. “They should add a twinkle from within the full set,” Wade says.

Play to clients' strenghts. Glitter- and crystal-accented lashes should always be applied to a stronger, mid-cycle natural lash, since these extensions tend to be heavier and could damage younger lashes, notes Lytle. However, colored and ombré options can and should be mixed throughout the lash line. “Use plenty of colored extensions since they tend to be thinner and won’t show up otherwise,” Wade explains.

Gigi Hadid sparkled at Giambattista Valli's Fall/Winter 2016 show in Paris.

Party Brows

Bright glittery arches have been bubbling under the beauty radar for a while, but they're beginning to make their way into the mainstream. “Models like Gigi Hadid rocked intense glitter on the Paris runways this season, sporting both full shimmer covering the entire brow, or just a thin line of glitter beneath,” notes Natalie Plain, founder and CEO of Billion Dollar Brows in Irvine, California. That’s just one reason Plain predicts that glittery brows will be one of the hottest trends of the 2016 holiday season. Some clients may want to go all-out with glitter, while others may prefer to tone down the twinkle. “Light will reflect off the glitter, making brows appear lighter,” warns Chang-Babaian, “so you don’t want the rest of the eye makeup to be too nude—[the trend] works best with a great wing or a smoky eye.” To create the look, Chang-Babaian offers these quick tips:

  1. Begin by shaping and fi lling brows as you normally would
  2. Next, apply a translucent brow gel.
  3. Before the gel dries, use a medium-size eyeshadow brush to dust on shimmering shadow or glitter, shaking off excess before applying. Build density gradually—it’s easier to add than remove—until you’ve achieved the desired look.

–By Alexa Joy Sherman