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Permanent Makeup Training Programs and Workshops

permanent makeup

Although these training programs and workshops may not fulfill the permanent makeup licensing requirements in your state, they will help you to hone your microblading and microshading skills, as well as your ability to market them.

Chicago Permanent Makeup Academy: Offers a two-day Eyebrow Microblading class, available to all students with or without experience in the permanent makeup field, as well as a 100-hour Micropigmentation Program.

Eye Design New York: Offers three-day Basic Microblading Training and two-day Advanced Microblading Training, as well as a one-, two- or three-day Microblading Master Class that includes Powder Theory. 

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Houston Wellness Boutique: Offers a two-day Microblading 3D Hair Stroke Eyebrow Training Course, as well as a three-day course designed for students with no microblading experience. 

Microblading LA: Offers four-day, entry- level Art of Microblading classes taught by MLA-certified instructors. They also offer occasional workshops, including Art of Ombré Eyebrows and Microblading, with master instructors from all over the world. 

Occhi' Institude for Lash & Brow Training: Offers a three-day Fine Art of Microblading program, as well as an Advanced Microblading course that includes microshading. 

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TNN Beauty Academy: Offers eight Advanced Training Classes for Permanent Make-up in the following areas for eyes: Brows, Upper Eyelid and Lower Eyelid. Permanent Make- up: Continuing Education is also available.

What’s next in permanent makeup? Pros offer these predictions.

There’s a technique in Russia that uses technology like a coil machine, and it allows you to create the hair-like strokes without slicing into the skin. The results can last two to three years. I believe we’ll see advancements like this: Microblading techniques that allow you to get even more longevity out of the service.” —Lynn La Palermo, Occhi’ Lash & Brow Studio

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The permanent makeup market is constantly evolving. In the near future, I believe there will be newer and better methods of creating even more realistic-looking eyebrows and eyeliners. Better quality needles and pigments will make our work easier, and will allow us to deliver superior results to our clients.” — Sandra Plasencia, Chicago Permanent Makeup Academy

Even though the technique of ombré shading has already been introduced and is being offered by many technicians, it’s the next big thing in permanent makeup/enhancements.” —Terry Tribble, Houston Wellness Boutique

–by Alexa Joy Sherman