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Talking Fluffy Lashes with Patrick Ta

Gigi Hadid Eyelashes

You likely know makeup artist Patrick Ta’s handiwork; just take a gander at actress Olivia Munn, reality star Kim Kardashian and mega model of the moment Gigi Hadid— and that’s a very small sampling of the famous faces he beautifies.

Naturally, Ta has some luxe lashing tips and trends to share exclusively with EyeLash; after all, he says, “I like to do glamorous makeup and a lash really allows you to get that look without doing too much makeup; a lash brings in the drama.”

On … Lashes as a “No Makeup” Ally

“I’m finding people want to do more of a bare lid and a fluffy lash; it’s their version of ‘natural’ but still looking awake.”

On … Strip Lash Technique “I like to curl the natural lashes first, apply mascara and then finish by applying the strip lash. I don’t ever like to apply mascara to the mink lashes I use (he’s currently digging Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink strips as an affordable option) because it ruins the look of them.”

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On … Customization

“Even though you’re working with strip lashes, you should customize them to your client. I’ll often cut the strip into three pieces and then layer and adjust to how I want it.”

On … Lower Lash Love “I like to apply white eyeliner inside the water line and then put mascara on the bottom lash to really open up the eye.”

On … Clumpy Lashes and Client Satisfaction

“I personally don’t like the look of clumpy lashes, but a lot of my clients do. Like, Kim [Kardashian], she loves a clumpy lash. She’s always like: ‘I want more, more, more!’ In the end, the clients have to be the ones that feel comfortable with the look; it’s their preference. It’s all about doing what’s best for them!”

[Images: Courtesy of Getty Images]