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Trend Hunting with Celebrity Makeup Artist Mai Quyhn

With actresses Jessica Chastain, Kristen Stewart and Chloë Grace Moretz fronting Mai Quyhn’s artistry on red carpets and magazine pages, this talented makeup artist is shaping beauty ideals with each bold stroke she makes. Here, she shares what’s on her radar.

“Lip gloss is making a comeback. For a while it went away, and now I’m seeing people doing so many different variations as far as textures or with stains that have shine.”

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“Metals—gold, silver—in makeup and fashion. I think it’s fun and flashy, which, why not? When pictures are taken, the flash makes it look like liquid. For metal finishes in makeup, it’s all about the eyes; I like Pat McGrath Labs products.”

“Jewel tones crossed with metal finishes—like with actress Diane Kruger, I created a shimmery electric-blue eye to complement her purple sequin dress for the Golden Globes. Stick to blues, purples and deep greens; they work well with almost any skin tone or hair color.”

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Trace lids in beautiful blue like these celebs do!

A slash of electric blue or a swipe of turquoise is a transformative detail around eyes, indeed: Just witness these four bold takes that fi t a range of skin tones and eye colors.