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LashPRO Accelerator Course Pre-Enrollment Now Open

LashPRO Accelerator Course

The LashPRO Accelerator course is the first of its kind to combine education in branding, marketing, business skills, social media and self-care into one intensive online program.

The course is 35 weeks long, has 40+ modules and covers various subjects from LashPRO Academy. The course also teaches all sorts of lash extension tutorials on how to increase skill levels with application, shaping, styling etc. Students learn tips from 7 educators on things like: dealing with fluttering eyelids, how to use each extension type and knowing the correct curl and thickness to use, and more. 

From there they move into the business side of things and teach how to run a successful lash lounge. They teach participants how to set policies and enforce them, create a professional relationship with their clients that is based on respect and how to effectively staff your lash business and more.

The LashPRO Accelerator course will also have a team of medical/industry experts who are going to be giving their best advice to participants on how they can keep their minds and bodies balanced, stay happy, healthy, fulfilled, and joyful in their careers and bring balance to their personal lives. 

"It's truly a game changer in the industry and we hope it transforms many lives," says Sugarlash PRO founder Courtney Buhler. Buhler has built a lash lounge herself from the ground up at the age of 19 with 10+ staff - and then developed Sugarlash PRO.