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Winners of the First-Ever Lash Games Announced

At the first-ever The Lash Games, held at the Olympia Beauty Show in London’s Kensington district last October, artists from around the globe converged to put their lashing skills to the test. The competition was fierce: 136 lash stylists from 16 countries near and far, including Sweden, Hungary, Italy, France and the U.S., battled to take home the trophy and winning title of Novice, Lash Professional, Master or Expert in the Classic Look, 2D/3D Volume and Dramatic 4+ Volume categories or overall champ in the Fantasy category. For Fantasy, the theme “The London Look” provided ample inspiration from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s for lashing contestants.

Renowned industry pros such as Flawless Lashes founder Loreta Jasilionyte, Diamond Lashes founder Petr Lhotsk´y, Jane’s Skönhet & Make-Up owner Jane Eriksson and My Brand Lashes president Hilaree Brand utilized their expertise to blind-judge the contestants’ artistry and crown the winners. “The idea for the launch of the competition was to raise the profile of the lash industry not just locally, but set a precedent globally,” says show director and Olympia Beauty co-owner Ian Archbold. “We fly in all the international judges, pay for half of their flights and give them accommodations in a top London hotel as a sign of our commitment to have the best in the industry to judge what we believe to be one of the most competitive global lash competitions there is.” Here, a list of the lashers who nabbed first place.


Classic Look Competition

Novice International: Hayley Mountjoy, Lash Professional: Aija Dambe, Master: Camilla Kirk-Reynolds

2D/3D Competition

Novice: Camilla Kirk-Reynolds, Lash Professional: Alba Lahesa, Master: Manami Edwards, Expert: Hamima Latoel

Dramatic 4+ Competition

Novice: Beata Lisowska, Lash Professional: Alba Lahesa, Master: Ewelina Jusiak, Expert: Julija Baltulioniene

Fantasy Competition

Miranda Tarpey

Taking lashes to new heights … er, lengths … is all in a day’s work for The Lash Games Fantasy Competition winner Miranda Tarpey. As CEO and founder of UK Lash Institute in Luton, England, Tarpey travels the world teaching lash extension techniques while also providing detailed courses in lash decoration (“Volume Decoration Lash Art Course”) at her institute to give students a leg up in fantasy lashing. We asked her about her stunning winning look and tips for competing smart.

How did your lash look capture the theme, “The London Look”?

I was inspired by Adam Ant and David Bowie and fused that with the ’80s fashion military look!

What all is involved in the planning?

I researched the ’80s and how Bowie and Adam Ant dressed, including hair and makeup. Overall, I would say it took me three months of preparations. The costume was handmade, which required tons of sewing, model fi ttings and a slew of adjustments! The hat itself took a while, too, as it had real lights around the crown. During the actual day, we only had two hours to create the fi nished look, so it was a huge rush!

What did you do for the eyelashes?

I first applied mega volume to the top and bottom lashes in a mixture of colors, sticking to the theme. Then I adhered extremely lightweight, dangling paper items to the lashes that I had designed prior to the competition.

What are your top three fantasy competition tips?

First, research your theme well! It’s so important you understand and reference it when creating your look. Second, be creative and shop for products that are super lightweight to use on natural lashes. Finally, with fantasy, ensure you go theatrical! And make sure your colors complement each other.

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