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Jenelle Paris' Love Affair With Lashes

Jenelle Paris

Not all love affairs should be kept secret. Case in point: Lash Affair by J. Paris. After working as a spa owner and esthetician specializing in makeup, waxing and facials, Jenelle Paris experienced love at first lash when she took an extensions class eight years ago. Hooked as soon as the liaison sparked, Paris began booking her schedule exclusively with lash clients and transitioning her spa to a lash boutique. While tending to ladies’ lashes, Paris felt extensions brands on the market lacked personalization, leading her to spread her true love of lash extensions to the masses with the launch of Lash Affair by J. Paris in 2013.

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From romantic product monikers (think: adhesives named Infatuated and The One) to packaging made to feel like a gift from a lover, Paris doesn’t skimp on the details. “Our branding is cohesive and there’s a lot of thought put into everything,” she explains. Beyond keeping her message, “Lash love is true love and true love is Lash Affair,” on point, Paris makes herself available to clients who have questions or need help. “It’s the little things. People like that I’m approachable,” she explains. “You have to be able to connect with your clients. It’s the most important aspect of owning a business.”

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As an all-around lash lover, not only does Paris ensure that Lash Affair offers a wide array of products—eyelash extensions, extension-safe makeup, growth serums, adhesives, tweezers and accessories—but also she has positioned the business prominently in the education scene. Lash Affair Academy (LAA) offers group and one-on-one training programs in Classic and Volume lashes, as well as a 150-page manual (known as The Lash Diary) on business, marketing, product knowledge, design and allergy awareness. For all aspects of her business, Paris draws upon her experiences as a lash artist: Her light-tension tweezers came about due to her own chronic hand fatigue and much of LAA’s curriculum aims to educate students so they won’t feel like Paris did in her initial training: lost and confused. In fact, LAA guarantees students receive free lifetime refresher classes—a serious plus. “We guide and support [our students] and arm them with the tools to form successful businesses,” she explains. “If you’re educated and you properly educate your clients, it betters the industry as a whole.” What’s not to love about that?

–by Molly Church