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The Celebrity Looks Most Requested by Clients

Angelina Jolie

Though you know what weight and length of lash or width and slope of brow best suits your clients’ features, they still tend to bring in a photo of their favorite celebrity for you to mimic. Here, we asked brow stylists and lash extensionists which A-listers currently top their clients’ beauty wishes.

Emily Phelps, lash artist, The Eyelash Guru, North Hollywood, California: “Clients always ask to have lashes like Kim Kardashian’s. Little do they know most of the time she is wearing a strip. When they tell me they want a ‘Kim K.’ look I know that means they like their lashes very dramatic.”

Diane Lytle, owner, TheLashChick, Wasilla, Alaska: “Kim Kardashian. No matter the age, our clients want their lashes big, bold, beyond thick and long, and sometimes a little spikey.”

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Robyn Cosio, eyebrow specialist, Sally Hershberger Salon, L.A. and NYC: “I get requests that range from Jennifer Lawrence to Jackie O. I’ve had people look to stars from the past as their brow inspiration: Rita Hayworth, Madonna—it’s endless. They want anything from very old school to very sharp, like Kim Kardashian’s brows.”

Courtney Akai, owner, Courtney Akai Lash Boutique, NYC: “Half of my clientele loves Kylie Jenner-inspired lashes; they’re more dramatic, feathery, varied textures, longer lengths, full and lush. The other half is a bit more conservative; they always show a picture of Angelina Jolie. These lashes are usually shorter, wispy and very pretty.”

Shannon Loar-Coaté, owner, Blush and Lashes, Santa Barbara, California: “It used to be that ‘Kim Kardashian’ look that’s very extreme, but now it’s more Kendall Jenner; her lashes are more natural, short and full. I call them the ‘flirt’ lashes. I find my clients are more natural ... they want to look glamorous … but they [also] want to look real.”

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Kelley Baker, owner, Kelley Baker Brows, Venice, California: “Zendaya has big, full brows that are very defined, yet naturally fabulous. Big brows are superpopular, and Zendaya’s brows always stand out on the red carpet. She’s the current hottie brow celeb for sure.”

Elke Von Freudenberg, celebrity eyebrow specialist, NYC: “The most requested brow that I get is Bella Hadid. Her brows have a slight arch to them, yet they’re still full and natural looking. It’s a combination of natural and elegant.”

Hot Brow Tip: If a client seeks a celebrity brow design you know doesn’t fit her features, take Cosio’s cue: Powder her first! “I can show her what she’ll look like in her requested celebrity brow by powdering [that brow shape] in before we commit to anything,” she says. “This way, she can assess the look on herself. More often than not, she’ll say, ‘Oh, wow; I see what you mean!’”

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