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Japonesque Partners with Mondays at Racine To Provide Eyelashes for Cancer Patients

Mondays at Racine is an Academy Award nominated documentary based on a salon owned by two sisters in Long Island that offers free services to cancer patients every third Monday of the month. In the documentary, the sisters uses Japonesque false eyelashes to treat clients. After seeing their lashes being used in the film, Japonesque has partnered with the Monday’s at Racine team to create and donate a custom lash called Lash of Dreams, for use at the Monday’s at Racine Salon. 
Mondays at Racine Cancer Care Foundation was established by cosmetologist Cynthia Sanson and provides at no cost, salon and spa services to patients undergoing cancer treatment. Cynthia’s mom died of cancer in 1989. Cynthia knows first hand how uplifting it can be for cancer patients to look into the mirror and see the same beauty woman she has seen there all of her life. Cynthia designed Lash of Dreams to be natural, reusable, comfortable and most of all, beautiful.