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Industry Experts Share their Eye-Opening Answers to Readers' Questions

Our experts weigh in on eyelash extensions, brows, eye makeup and more.

What lash length and curl do you recommend for extension clients who wear eyeglasses?

Jill Heijligers-Peloquin, owner, Lash FX and Lash FX Academy and founder, Global Lash Summit Events: The landscape of every beautiful face is different. Some clients have shallow-set eyes and a fl atter profi le to the bridge of the nose; others may have deep-set eyes and a high bridge of the nose. Your best bet is to ask your client during the initial consultation or, better yet, during your “know before you go” communication with them: “Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? If so, always bring your contact lens solution and carrying case, as well as your eyeglasses and any protective eyewear you wear for your occupation, to your lash appointments.” That way, you can see your client wearing her glasses and best judge how your plans for her lash design might affect them.

Here’s a ninja tip for lashers and their clients: If you wear glasses, clean them regularly to help keep your eyelashes clean, especially if you occasionally push your eyewear to the top of your head. If you feel your eyewear sits too close to your lash extensions, invest in silicone anti-slip nose pad stickers. They are inexpensive and will keep your eyewear sitting just a bit further away from your lashes.

Are there certain things you do to make sure you’re always at the top of your brow game and aware of new trends, techniques and products?

Tammy Fisher, brow expert at Boom Boom Brow Bar, New York City: Stay current by watching what’s happening on social media and the fashion runways, as well as in magazines and with trendsetting celebrities. Clients want and need to be educated on the various trends and what shapes will work for them and why. Fuller is always better, but certain tweaks—such as a higher arch, a straighter brow or more tapering—can be made to fl atter a client’s features. The most important thing is to customize the shape for the face, versus following a trend.

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