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Eyebrow Bleaching With Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr

Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian West have been spotted rocking bleached brows, and the booming trend has caught on rapidly in the makeup community and on the runways—making it ripe for your salon (if, that is, it’s legal to bleach brows in your state; check with your state board to be on the safe side). With over 5 million followers on social media, beauty influencer Patrick Starrr experiments with the hottest trends in beauty to make his Instagram and YouTube pages a landing zone for fresh inspiration. We recently caught up with Starrr, who underwent his own eyebrow-bleaching transformation via makeup artist Steven Tabimba, to share client-side insights on the process in the May/June 2017 issue of Eye Lash. “At first, seeing myself without makeup and sporting nearly invisible brows, I was shook!” he laughs. “After the completed look, though, I must say I was totally in love.” Here, Tabimba’s steps on how he lifted Starrr’s brows to bold bleach blonde for this photo shoot, shot by Marcelo Cantu.

35 minutes.

Wella Professionals products, including Blondor Lightener, Blondor Freelights Developer 20 Volume and Color Touch Toner.


1 CLEAN. Wipe away any oils and debris from brows for a completely clean canvas.

2 MIX. Mix a gentle lightener with a low-volume developer to ensure that the integrity of the brow hairs isn’t compromised. Then, apply the mixture to the brows.

3 TONE. After achieving the desired level of lightness (approximately 20 minutes), remove the lightener completely and follow up with a toner to eliminate any unwanted warm or brassy undertones.

4 CHECK. Keep a close eye on the toner until the desired neutralization has been achieved; then remove. 

[Images courtesy of Marcelo Cantu]