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Eye Products That Provide Relief During Allergy Season

allergy season

Spring rebirth and renewal can definitely throw a wrench in your clients’ lash extensions. When dormant trees spring back into action, they release pollen into the air, and this particular pollen tends to be the leading cause of allergies in the spring months. When allergies strike, eyes water, skin puffs and lids itch, leading to increased eye rubbing and decreased lash retention. Though you can’t control whether your clients swipe at their itchy peepers, you can pass them these tips to cut down on kneejerk eye rubbing:

1) Pay attention to daily pollen counts. A handy app, like AllergyManager (iPhone), helps the user track seasonal allergens, pollen counts and the severity of her symptoms.

2) Avoid going outside early in the morning or on windy days when pollen counts are highest.

3) Try a soothing eye product to help quell puffiness and redness.

Eye Soothers

Retail allergy-prone clients these soothing products to help tamp down eye puffiness and irritation.

1 Repêchage Eye Rescue Pads instantly reduce puffi ness via cucumber extract and a potent blend of natural tea extracts.

2) Borghese Restorative Eye Masks soothe the under-eye area with a blend of açai fruit and avocado fruit extracts, as well as caffeine to boost skin elasticity.

3) Elemis Absolute Eye Serum not only minimizes the creation of fi ne lines (via rosewood oil’s cell regeneration benefi ts), but also it decongests and reduces puffiness thanks to chamomile oil.

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