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Leah Lynch on Competing in the Fantasy Lash Category

eyelash fantasy competition

Competing in the Fantasy lash category at any lashing competition takes next-level creativity. Not only do you have to come up with a total head-to-toe look, but you must also source all the materials that bring the creation to life. Leah Lynch, CEO and owner of Beautique Salon & Spa in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and master trainer for Lash Affair Academy, shares tips on how she and colleague Jessika Leonard tracked down everything needed for this Fantasy mermaid photo shoot.

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1) SCOUR THE CRAFT STORES. “To gain inspiration and find our fantasy costume and embellishments, we spent a lot of time walking the aisles of craft stores in our area, checking out all the tiny beads, fabrics, shells and more,” says Lynch.

2) FIND THAT ONE ITEM. “We found the cool blue-green reeds fi rst and had the grand idea to make a powerful headdress [from them],” she says. From there, everything began to fall into place. “Sometimes just clearing your mind and letting a certain item speak to you will start your creative juices fl owing!”

3) SURF THE INTERNET. Your color story is important for your overall Fantasy look, and Lynch says the blue-green reeds also inspired the lash extension color. Once the duo made that decision, the search was on … line. “The offerings online are vast and super exciting. The .07 seems to be the most common diameter for Volume in color lashes, and we decided on Sugarlash PRO’s beautiful Waves of Paradise Ombre Palette for this look,” she says. Lynch suggests checking out these brands for cool color as well: Lash Affair by J. Paris, StellaLash and Vivienne Original.

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4) TURN TO LIKEMINDED ARTISANS. After sourcing the bulk of their costume from Hobby Lobby, Lynch and Leonard turned to online artisan marketplace for more unique pieces, like the base of the green headdress and the second shell crown.

5) BROWSE PORTFOLIOS. For Fantasy competitions that require photography submissions, you’ll need to fi nd a photographer and model that can translate your vision. “We got lucky sourcing our professional model and photographer as both were looking to expand their portfolios and worked for free in exchange for use of the pictures,” Lynch says. If you can pay, a site like can connect you to creatives in your area as well as allow you to browse through portfolios until you fi nd that perfect match!

[Images: Coutesy of Dawn Kingston]