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CIDESCO Provides 9 Health and Safety Tips

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CIDESCO, the world standard for beauty and spa therapy, named April “Health and Safety Month,” doling out daily tips to help members improve their service standards beyond the basic requirements. But upping your service standards, health and safety should be a year-round pursuit, no matter if you’re an employer, employee or independent contractor. In order to keep your beauty business on the up and up, implement CIDESCO’s following health and safety tips.

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1) Do a risk assessment. First, you need to understand the risks associated with your business so you can take the necessary steps to reduce the chance of work-related injury or illness.

2) Write a “Health and Safety” policy. If you’re an employer, have a “Health and Safety” policy in place to identify risks and prevent harm from any incidental hazards that could arise in the workplace. Key items should include allergies, aches and pains, storage and use of chemicals, wet floors, and handling of electrical equipment.

3) Minimize stress. Employers should implement ways to minimize stress, such as staying in control of staff’s workload and balancing work activities.

4) Take regular breaks. Stay fresh and alert to help avoid injury or burnout.

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5) Set up a smart work area. Use ergonomically designed furniture and equipment, and rearrange your work area so that everything needed is within easy reach.

6) Protect your back. Hunching over is a part of the job, but taking regular stretching breaks can help to minimize pain.

7) Don’t drink on the job. This should go without saying: Alcohol and drugs have no place in the work environment. Consider this fact: They’re a contributing factor in around 3 percent of workplace fatalities.

8) Talk. Whether you’re an employer or employee, keep an open line of communication. This not only reduces stress but also highlights any potential issues.

9) Get insurance. Rules will vary by state, but generally if you own a business you should have employers’ liability and public liability insurance. If an employee or client gets ill or injured due to your business, insurance will protect you against the cost of compensation.

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