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7 Top Traits of a Winning Website

With the rise of social media, you might be wondering if you actually need a website. Well, you need one if you want total control over your business’s online profile. A finely tuned website is a powerful marketing tool to complement your social media efforts.







  1. Simple Design: The most effective websites are simple, functional and easy to navigate so customers can quickly find what they’re looking for.
  2. Lookbook: You’re in the business of beauty, and customers want to see your work. Show them your best before-and after photos in a gallery. This is the “proof” your potential customers need.
  3. Contact Info: Make sure that your contact form and phone number are easily accessible and, ideally, present on all pages “above the fold” (visible without having to scroll down the page). Getting your visitors to pick up the phone or submit a form is your No. 1 goal, so make it easy.
  4. Mapped on Google: Speaking of mobile, ensure that your business is registered with Google and hooked into Google Maps. One of the most winning moments for any website is when it directs customers on the run to your place of business.
  5. Mobile Friendly: Consumers spend more time than ever browsing services while they’re on the move. Your website must fluidly adapt to provide an optimal experience on any screen size, from smartphone to tablet to desktop. “Responsive” templates today are commonplace and inexpensive.
  6. Blog: If you love to write and are committed to doing it regularly, blogging is one of the best ways to add value to your site. Blogging boosts your online search rankings and gives you something to talk about on social media, in turn bringing more visitors to your site. Good web design converts visitors into customers.
  7. Easy to Update: The fanciest website in the world is useless if you can’t update the content yourself. Without regular updates, you’ll soon be frustrating potential clients with inaccurate information, not to mention missing potential business if you’ve added new services that aren’t refl ected on your site. Google also likes fresh content: Adding new pages and updating existing ones will make search engines happy, which ultimately leads more visitors to your site.

–by Steve Richard-Preston